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Saturday, 23 March 2019

Lake Ngozi is the second largest Crater Lake in Africa, located approximately 38 kilometers south of Mbeya in the Mporoto Ridge Forest Reserve in Tanzania. It is home to many species of chattering monkeys, birds, and chameleons, some of which are endemic to this area.

South of Ngozi Peak and west of the main road, this natural bridge is estimated to have been formed around 1800 million years ago by water flowing through cooling lava that spewed out from the nearby Rungwe volcano.

Kitulo National Park

Located in the beautiful Southern Highlands of Tanzania, where the country borders with Zambia and Malawi, perched at around 2,600 meters between the rugged peaks of the Kipengere, Poroto and Livingstone Mountains is the well-watered volcanic soils of Kitulo Plateau which support the largest and most important montane grassland community in Tanzania.

The area, heralded as a botanist’s paradise, is the largest and probably the most important plateau grassland in East Africa. It is indeed a rare botanical marvel, home to 350 species of vascular plants, including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchid many of which are endemic, which erupt into a riotous wildflower display of breathtaking scale and diversity during the long rains from January through to May.

Mbeya Town being situated in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, some of the attraction include; Kitulo National Park, near Mount Livingstone and Rungwe Mountains. Famous God`s Bridge is also another attraction not forgetting Meteor “KIMONDO” famously known by locals, in Mbozi area on the way to Tanzania Zambia border.


It is along Tunduma Road, near Kadege Bus Stand on the left hand side on the way to Tunduma- Border; and Three (3) kilometers to Town Cente. Beaco Resort is in New Forest Estate in Mbeya near St. Mary`s School


Beaco Resort is a medium Hotel with major facilities available, which includes Accommodations, Conferences, Parties, Board Meeting Rooms, Entertainments both for children and adults. We have a standby Automatic Power Generator, A twenty four, Seven Security supported by good CCTV cameras.


A well stocked Bar with Cocktail availability, Milk shakes, and a Pool Table/BILLIARD. We have also Kids jumping Castle, A good ambience for Photos section for individual and groups.


We Offer A Delicious BBQ Menu With Different Varieties And Flavours. This Service Welcomes Customers As Far As Tunduma And Kyela.


Mbozi Meteorite

The Mbozi Meteorite is an ungrouped iron meteorite found in Tanzania. It is one of the world's largest meteorites, variously estimated as the fourth largest to the eighth largest; it is located in Ndolezi village, Mbozi district in Mbeya. The meteorite is 3 metres (9.8 ft) long, 1 metre (3 ft 3 in) high, and weighs an estimated 16 metric tons.

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